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Clubs in Nice:

Live music and drinks at fair prices you will find in the bar Waynes. More at http://www.waynes.fr
High Club A dance club for cool parties. More to see at http://www.highclub.fr

Clubs in Cannes:

Baoli The Baoli opens ab 20:00 o’clock and it is one oft he most famos clubs in town. You find the Baoli at the end of the Croisette. Even the driveway, lined with candles is impressive. The ambiance in Baoli is modern, stylish and a bit exotic. The selection of cocktails is great and you can eat Asian finger food.
Here's a video from the Baoli: https://youtu.be/SsfsP-iD5HQ More infos you find here http://www.lebaoli.com/baoli/#fr/baoli/homesite

Gotha Club Cannes The Gotha Club Cannes is a very popular nightclub at Place Franklin Roosevelt, near the Club Baoli at the end of the Croisette, behind the marina. The club opens at 12:00 pm and the last party guests usually leave at 07:00 clock in the morning.
Here's a video from the Gotha: https://youtu.be/XhSgNPKWntw More at http://gotha-club.com

VIP Room Cannes Once a year and only during the Film Festival in May, stars and starlets meet in VIP Room Cannes. For more information, please visit the homepage: http://www.viproom.com

Clubs in St. Tropez:

VIP Room St Tropez Parties in “a class” can be experienced in the VIP Room in St Tropez. One of the most exclusive clubs of Europe! Once accepted by the doormen you have the chance to meet stars and celebrities from all over Europe and Hollywood at this hot spot. Opening times from 26.06. until 30.08. Admission is free but drinks are expensive, available from 20 € up.
More information: http://www.viproom.com

Le Caves du Roy The nights in the rooms of the Hotel Byblos in St. Tropez are notorious famous. For over forty years, this club is the place to go if you want to have party with the privileged and prominent holidaymakers of the French Riviera. Understatement is undesirable here. However, for a beer they ask for more than 25 €, but maybe you will have it next to Mick Jagger, Naomi Campbell or Paris Hilton.
More information: http://www.lescavesduroy.com/index2-compil.php?lg=fr

Nikki Beach Club Would you like to have a party with Bob Sinclar? The Nikki Beach Club is an absolutely cool place with many summer events until the end of September. Reservation is necessary because it is very popular.
More to see on: http://www.nikkibeach.com/destinations/beach-clubs/st-tropez/

Bora Bora Beach Club Those who want to understand why St. Tropez is so famous and why St Tropez annually attracts celebrities from around the world should spend a day in one of the beach clubs.
More information: http://www.borabora-beach.com/

Club 55 This club has been available since the early fifties. In contrast to many other clubs, here understatement is program. The homepage of the club already indicates that everything is different. But perhaps because there are countless reports and stories about this legendary beach club. Simply type in your browser the term “Club55 St Tropez” and you know why.
More information: http://www.club55.fr/